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    Things I wish you said.


    Jun 24, 2024

    Things I wish you said.
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    i'm listening 

    to myself think 

    about the things I wish you said

    and the things you never did

    like how much you liked her

    couldn't even hold her gaze 

    would think of her red hair 

    but settle for my brown strands

    like how funny it was

    when you let your friends talk

    shit about me

    when you lied to them

    about things that I did. 

    things that never happened in reality.

    and I think 

    so much about the things you did say 

    like the innocent kiss you gave someone else

    like how much you thought I wouldn't care 

    how not sorry you were 

    how stupid you think I am?

    and I think about the things that I did. 

    like go through your phone 

    and find all this. 

    like cry myself to sleep with you next to me. 

    like look at myself in the mirror and actually feel 

    how vile it is. 

    how can you even look at me? 

    but I still think about you

    and the things you are saying now. 

    like how mean I am. 

    like how I don't care. 

    and I think about me 

    and the reasons I stayed

    but now that I'm gone I can't find them. 




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