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    the rainy eyes kingdom.

    Abr 25, 2024

    the rainy eyes kingdom.
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    living for the hope of your call,

    i can barely remember your voice,

    do you still wait for me? 

    or do you walk around picking juvenile hearts in the claw machine?

    you were a libertine in a modern society,

    yes, i’m waiting your message,

    meantime i hear the records we used to share,

    the bittersweet ballad of what’s gone before

    and the melody of possibles uncertain futures

    makes me think if i really deserved being crowned as the rainy eyes kingdom majesty,

    did i deserve being left with watercolor eyes?

    i made you my sacred sky,

    nowadays you are a fleeting stranger

    running through the labyrinth of my heart.

    Pampa Gallagher


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