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    As I Lay Dying

    Mar 6, 2024

    As I Lay Dying
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    So I started walking down the street,

    while I melt my toes into concrete.

    There’s no sorrow neither people crying

    that’s what I see as I lay dying.

    Fresh air softly combs my hair,

    couse must look appropriately once there.

    So preacher don’t keep on trying.

    I’m seeing it all as I lay dying.

    Luckily I don’t leave behind a wife or son

    just flesh, blood and bones.

    A cheap casket are they buying.

    Empty for now as long as I lay dying.

    Sweet lovely death, hold my hand for last,

    and take me there if you must.

    I’ll known if you’ve been lying,

    I see it all as I lay dying.

    Santiago Leo 2011

    Santiago Leo

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